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My Health and Fitness App

My Vitals® is one of the best health and fitness apps available. Easy to use health diary has features to save your readings from Blood pressure monitor, Blood Glucose meter, Oxygen saturation meter, Pulse meter, Weight and other important information related to your health.

You can create multiple profiles for your family members and other people in your care. Sharing data between family is simple and secure. With one click, you can also send data to your Doctors and health providers as needed.

Available for Apple iOS and Google Android devices.

Track health and fitness for entire family in one simple app My Vitals®

Daily Health Data

A very important aspect of managing good health for yourself and your family members is to measure and record your important vitals. This is where My Vitals® is of huge value to our users worldwide. My Vitals® provides you and your family an easy method to save all your important medical and health data in a secure central place. My Vitals® application makes it super-easy for any person to measure, save and share their daily health data between the family, friends and health care providers.

Daily enter your health information and medical data in this easy app.

Health Related Information

Science tells us that balanced food contains Minerals, Fats, Vitamins, Proteins, Fats and Carbohydrates. By varying combinations of these basic 6 core ingredients of your food, you can keep your food interesting and still healthy. Work with the advise of your Doctor/s, Dietician and Nutritionist to identify the right food choices for keeping you properly fed, but no overeating at any time. Food is not the answer to busting stress levels, but rather it disturbs the brain's natural programming for risk and reward assessment. Keeping a well defined discipline on eating habits and getting the right nutrients is very important for human body and brain functions.

For all your family and other cared for members, enter their health and related medical information in one secure cloud My Vitals®.

Easy Medical Information

Entering your medical information is one way to ensure that the minute details about your health conditions and any changes are not lost with passage of time. But also your health diary should provide you with a simple and effective data entry provision so that anyone can save the crucial details about your health on daily basis. Your medical records are an important source of information to physician about your daily health but the medical records usually are obtained by external providers, such as Radiology, Blood labs etc. Keeping all this medical information in an easy to reach and secure location where it is available anytime you or your health workers need access to this information.

It is very easy to use My Vitals® apps to save and view your medical information.

Men's Health and Fitness

Health is not just about workouts, gym visits and tight diet controls. Keeping yourself healthy requires a consistent focus on your overall health. Protecting yourself in case of an injury, preventing infection, managing stress levels and watching for heart issues is very important for a long healthy life. Remain socially connected and ensure that you talk to family member(s) and/or health practitioners about any troubling thoughts. Take time to relax and have a good night's sleep every day. Keep a positive mental awareness for overall mood management and stress reduction.

Use My Vitals® apps to save and view your medical information and a record of your health and fitness levels.

Women's Health and Fitness

Different people have different build structure of their bodies which depends on their childhood, family and eating habits. By using your informed choices related to Food, Exercise, Fitness goals, you can define a disciplined routine for not only the food choices but also age appropriate exercise routines. Consistency being crucial, maintain your routines very punctually. This shall allow you to also maintain a positive outlook on everything in your life - whether in your control or not.

Now you can use My Vitals® apps to track your health and fitness levels with a friendly application on your smart phones

Positive Health

Without any doubt Food is the source of energy for us. And unhealthy eating and Food choices are also documented as major cause of many modern life style diseases, such as Blood Pressure, Blood Glucose, Stress, Anxiety, Obesity and many others. Not only eating more is a big problem, eating less can also lead to several problems. Therefore as any naturist and nature care practitioner will tell you - right balance is the key to an internally fit and strong body. Find out what is suitable for your body, life style, subject to current medical conditions. Be creative in combining your suitable food choices in right serving sizes.

Measuring important health indicators is your first step to maintain positive health. Get the free My Vitals® application.

Live Healthy Life

Choosing from a variety of age appropriate physical activity and exercise has numerous benefits. Your mind and body balance is well maintained when you do your exercises, and the relaxation cycle induced by exercise. As a result of the exercise the alertness level increase many times and allows your focus to improve.

Try to combine your activity and exercise routine with a connect to the nature. This brings double benefits for your wholesome health. Recent worldwide studies, especially focusing on the positive stimulation and impact on human minds has shown that spending atleast some time outdoors in the company of plants, trees and natural environment is much more mentally rewarding than any medicine can ever provide. According to ancient wisdom connecting with nature also balances your mind rhythm back to how the nature intended for us. Chasing the fast moving life forces our internal mind and body rhythm to go out of sync with nature and that itself can giving rise to numerous diseases.

We wish you and your family a long health positive life. Get your free My Vitals® app to manage your medical information.