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My Vitals Health Diary

My Vitals® is an easy to use mobile app to manage health information for yourself and family. Save your entire medical information and documents in one simple secure cloud location.

Access and share your information on the go!

Easy to save and view your medical history

Connecting Family Health Care Information

Choice of thousands of families to access their medical information

Easy to use
Easy to use
  • Simple medical data screens
  • Make changes as you need
  • Only enter the required data
  • Swipe to data page you want
For the whole family
For the whole family
  • Setup profiles on one device
  • Enter data for selected profile
  • Add or remove profiles anytime
  • View data within the family
Securely share your information
Securely share your information
  • Easily send data to Doctor
  • Send and receive information
  • Your data is secure at all times
  • Share only when you want
Easy Health Information Diary
Connected and secure

Your medical information Anywhere, anytime

Save and access your data easily

  • Immediately share medical results & history with medical staff
  • Improved tracking of your data means improved accuracy of results
  • Supports multiple family members and friends on one device
  • Smart application alerts you when new information is received
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